Tech Copywriter & Web Developer

Hi, I’m Kenny. I write blog posts and copy that helps tech blogs, websites and tech companies get more traffic and leads.

What type of content do I write?

Blog posts

Awesome articles that speak directly to your audience, help prospects to find you through search, engage with you, and nudge them into your sales funnel.


Informational pieces that help DIY sites rank and get more traffic.

Email copy

Informational emails that identify and engage with your audience, always nudging them to take action and head to your website.

Tech Reviews

Excellent well researched and written reviews that focus on the features and benefits of the gadget on review.

I’m Your Expert Tech Content Writer

I apply the following writing techniques to keep readers glued to your content and yearning for more.


Ideally, you want readers to take action after they read your content. With this goal in mind, I make it easy for them to buy or subscribe to your newsletter using tested copywriting techniques.

Research-backed/data-driven writing

No reader likes fluff. Thus, I make sure I present the information in a clear and refreshing way. I do extensive research and deliver insights, always adding reference points to the article.


The era of cold, tone-deaf corporate writing is gone. You want your readers to connect and identify strongly with your brand. No matter how complex your product or service is, you’ll reach more people if you can find the human connection and weave it into your corporate narrative. That’s exactly what I do: I can help you serve those facts with inspiring human stories.

Search engine optimization

You want to be found through search, right when prospects are looking for information on the services or products you provide. I employ SEO best practices to make sure your content stands the highest chance of being served to your prospects.

How to tell if we’re a good fit

You understand the value of well-written original content.

You have a clear understanding of the type of content you need and what it should do for your business or your clients​; that is, you have a content plan, focus keywords and CTAs.

You need the whole package: excellent writing + SEO knowledge + in-depth marketing knowledge.

Checked all three? 

Here, virtual high-five.

I work with result-driven businesses, copywriters and agencies, helping them get results from content marketing.

I am the writer you hire when you’ve done most of the planning and need someone who can follow the brief and deliver premium content that gets results for your tech/digital marketing business.